Yoga Workshops

Service Description

7 Anishinaabe Sacred Teachings Workshop:
Explore the Anishinaabe 7 Sacred Teachings through a 1.5 hour yoga workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the 7 Teachings though an hour long yoga class and what these values mean to them. The last half hour is a chance to reflect on and build space for these practices in every day life through guided journalling activity and sharing circle.

Decolonizing Yoga Workshop:
A four hour workshop aimed at decolonizing yoga by examining the parallels between yogic philosophy and Indigenous worldview. By learning various types of postures (inversions, hips, back, core, twists, etc) participants of all levels and experience will leave the workshop with confidence in their ability to maintain an at home yoga practice.
Explore the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga
Practice yoga asana (postures) and build an at home practice
Learn techniques for nervous system regulation
Participate in self reflection (svadhyaya)
Learn ways to decolonize yoga and wellness in Turtle Island
Learn pranayama (breathwork) for anxiety and stress relief
Learn how to establish a Dhyana (meditation) practice

1 hour Medicine Wheel/Yoga Zoom Presentation
A one hour presentation via zoom with an activity for each aspect of self (journaling/reflection, yoga, breath work for anxiety and stress, and gratitude activity) .

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